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Ruffle Knee Socks {Tutorial}

Part I
(***Part I: I will show you how to make the Ruffle Knee Sock.  Part II:  I will show you how to complete the look of this sock with a bow using scrap knit***)

Tickled pink to be able to write this tutorial up for you lovelies!!  
Recently, Miss B received a grey dress...loving grey right now!!  
She needed an accessory that would compliment the dress!  I instantly thought....
Ruffle Knee Socks
 Found several ruffle knee socks to buy, but whoa nelly are they pricey!  No thank you...I'll create my own.  Here is for all you frugal mommy's, grandmas, or ladies looking for a cute baby shower gift~ 
I have a ruffle tights tutorial in the works for newborns.

So here we go, it may be a long tutorial but I like details when I'm fixing to create something that I don't have that person right next to me showing me how.

Miss B's Outfit:

Darling, Crocheted Pink & Grey Hat: Sparkleberry Crafts
Grey Dress: Target {LOVE that store}
Shoes: Yep, you guessed it...Target!

Supplies you need for these 
{Ruffle Knee Socks}:

Knee socks ~ ones shown are a size 3-4 Gymboree
Knit fabric
Thread ~ to match knit
Sewing Machine

Measure and cut your knit:  The measurements will be different with size of sock.  For Miss B's (using a size 3-4 sock) I measured out
5 1/2" Wide x 16" Length
Remember when measuring to cut, you want to have enough material for a large ruffle to go around sock and we will be draping the material for a top ruffle.  Two ruffles total!

Folding knit and ruffling: Take your cut knit and fold.  Your fold will not be in half, you will want it to be at least 1" to 1 1/2"short.   If you need to, mark where your fold is. Let's get ready to sew our ruffle!  

To make a "relaxed" ruffle (which is what I did for Miss B's), you will just simply scrunch up your fabric and sew.  I usually do this with both hands, but with only having one hand for sewing and the other to take a was a little difficult :)
Make sure you do not scrunch up too much fabric at a time or you will not have enough to go around the whole sock.

Adding your ruffle to sock:  Starting at the side of sock (inside ~ where my thumb is) this is where you will start pinning your ruffle onto the sock.  That way it will be on the inside of legs where no one will see the seam. :)  

Keep your ruffled fabric open, like shown below.  Remember to keep shorter fold on top and longer on bottom.  

When done pinning your fabric onto sock, if you have any excess ruffle fabric just layer.  That is what I had to do.

Pinning is complete. Let's start sewing!

Sewing ruffle onto sock: This may be the most difficult part of this project. Just go slow and you will do great!  Keeping ruffle open and starting at the side of sock where your ruffles meet, sew all the way around. 

When you have completely sewn around your sock, this is what the result will look like.  Two ruffles!  

Look at my little flapper girl! Just love her to pieces!  See the bow on sides of each sock??  That is what I'll be showing you how to create in Part II of this stay tuned!



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  1. Cute and Very Cozy looking.. :) I am going to be mentioning your flower Brooch pin in an upcoming blog post.... :) Already entered the Lovely Giveaway

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