Friday, October 14

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Sitting here, working on this fun tutorial, I have the windows open and it is just {lovely}.  Makes me even more anxious to work on fall crafts knowing that the weather is changing...yay ;)

Let's get this going!

Supplies that will be needed:
(picture below)

Needle & Thread (I used a thread color that matched my fabric)
Wire cutters
Polyester Fiber Fill 
Brown Paper Stem Wire
Naturally Wired Brown Vine Covered Wire
(For the tutorial I used burlap.  But for my other pumpkins I used plaid flannel and felt)


For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a large pumpkin.  I had to lay my burlap fabric on the floor to cut a large circle.  You can easily do this on a table...depending on how small or large you want your pumpkins :)


Cut out a circle.  It does not have to be perfect...yay!


Once your circle has been cut, thread your needle.  I chose for my thread to blend with the fabric.  Start sewing in and out of your fabric.  You do not need to sew small stitches...make them about 
2 1/2 to 3 inches apart.

The above picture is showing the fabric coming together in a circle.


Ta-Da!  You have made a fabric pumpkin!  Do not close your pumpkin yet.  Now its time to tear open that fiber fill and lets get to stuffin'!  This is a good way to get your kids into the project :)  Miss B sure enjoyed it!  Picture below shows the fiber fill going inside the fabric pumpkin.  I just loosened the stitches to fill.


Once you have the desired amount of fullness, it's time to close the top.  Using your threaded needle, pinch the top of pumpkin where all the fabric is gathered and start sewing it up.  Again, this does not have to be perfect.  You just want to make sure the top is not going to pop open.


Top closed, lets make the stems.  For the larger pumpkins I used 2 of the brown, paper stem wires.  

Bend in half.

Do the same for the other.


Your stems are now ready to be inserted into the top of pumpkin.  Just push them into one of the sewn seems.


Let's make those cute twisted vines :)  Again, for the large pumpkin, I'm going to make longer vines.  Using your naturally wired brown wire and wire cutters, cut off three 30" pieces.  Take one of those and twist around your fingers to make them curly.  Remove off fingers and slightly pull top and bottom for a more relaxed curl.  Taking one of the ends, insert inside the top of pumpkin.  Repeat this step for the other 2 vines.

It's starting to look like a pumpkin!


Time for leaves:  I used a darker color for my leaves.  The place where my index finger is where the top of your leaf is.  Using your scissors, cut out a pointed (fat) oval shape.  I made 3 leaves in different sizes.

If you are making 2 or 3 leaves, place them together as shown.  One on top of the other.

Sew together.


Attaching your leaves to the pumpkin:  Place your just sewn leaves to any side of the pumpkin.  Just simply sew them on around the center where the stem and vines are!  Guess what, you are done!

These would look so cute in black and white polka dot fabric....think I just might have to make some :)  Good thing about these are the kids can pick up and if they drop there not gonna fall to pieces...yes!

Enjoy your Fall decorating!

Need another Fall project? Check out the Fall Wreath Tutorial posted a couple weeks ago.

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