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Re-Purposed Flower Arrangement Tutorial { Using Fabric Flowers}

A few days ago, I was pricing items for a yard sale when I came across this........

Orange Orchard {Artificial} Plant from 
Pier 1 Imports

It had been up in the attic for a very, very long time, as this color is just not my "style" anymore.  So it had been placed in the {Gotta Go} box.  Looking over it as I placed the price tag of $3.00 on it, a brainstorm came by 

BOOM ........

hit me like lightning!  

Take those flowers off and make the color you want!!!  

With me being a girly, girl and loving soft pastels right now, I instantly thought of a light pink with a touch of green!  I had the green for the base and large leaves so a few more small leaves with the soft pink flowers will do.  
And here is how the story starts of the tall Pink Orchard who still lived :)

Do you have a flower arrangement that needs a little "sprucing" up?  Enjoy this step-by-step tutorial and create an accessory piece that will liven up your own space!

 B E F O R E

{ Supplies You Will Need }

Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

What fabrics did I use?

Green Dupioni Silk
Light Pink 100% Cotton
Light Pink Poly Satin

Take petals off plant.

Start cutting: Here is the best part!  Your petals do not have to be a perfect circle..yay!  Make them with all different designs for uneven petals.  For each flower I used 2-4 petals.  I cut a lot of cotton petals and only about 6 poly satin ones....didn't want it to shiny :)  I placed 1-2 green leaves on about 4 flower blooms.  You be the judge to how full you want your plant...that's the fun part and what keeps your design...yours!!

How to make the flowers: I will show you how to make two (2) different flower blooms. 

Here is the 1st:

1. Lay your first petal down flat
2. Fold together
3. Example of the fold...Half circle shape
4. Fold again

Placing 2 - 4 of those flowers together to create a bloom.

1. Holding your first flower petal securely 
2. Create another flower petal and place with the first
3. With your needle and thread (I used light pink thread) sew together
4. Keep sewing flower petals together until you have a full bloom 
{Note: I used 2-4 flower petals with each bloom created}

Here is the 2nd:

1. Lay your first petal down flat
2. Pinch the middle of flower petal
3. With the center of petal tightly pulled, draw up to create a flower petal
4. Example of flower petal

Create 2-4 "pinched" flower petals and sew tightly together to create a full bloom.

Attaching the leaves to bloom:

1. Turn flower bloom over and lay leaf on back
2. Sew securely onto back of bloom
3. Example of bloom with 1 leaf.  You may sew 2 leaves on, as I did for a couple of my flower booms.

Created flower blooms...So elegant and lovely!

Attaching the flower blooms to plant:

Spread apart the petals and apply hot glue to back.  Make sure you apply enough to hold bloom securely onto plant but not too much to see through petals.

With glue applied to bloom, wrap petals around small branches.  Pinch for a few seconds for glue to adhere to branch.

Example of what it will look like.

Complete your flower arrangement with all blooms.  Apply as many blooms as you would like depending on how full you would want.


Please feel free to use this tutorial for your enjoyment, but remember this is not be sold...It's fun to share not to steal :)

© 2011 Polka Dot Bungalow

I would love to see what you come up with!  Send me your finished projects {}...I wanna see!

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