Tuesday, November 8

A Step Inside Our Bungalow...Miss B's and "Little Lady's" Closet

I {love} organizing! 
 The fulfillment it brings in knowing that items are in order and easy to find is a wonderful feeling.

You've probably been wondering where I've been of late.  Getting ready for our "Little Lady" to be here!!!!!  With only 13 more weeks, (less if she is anything like her big sister) I have a lot on my "To Do" list!!  To get started, last week I brought down from the attic all of Miss B's baby clothes and accessories.  Let me tell you, that was an emotional roller coaster!  Pulling out her "take home from the hospital" outfit, the outfit she wore to her first beach trip, her shoes (oh my, all the shoes!!)

Got my Target brand baby detergent (That stuff is awesome!  Smells like Dreft but soo much cheaper) and started the laundry.  Miss B was just oooing and aweing over the shoes and clothes...a lot of fun having a girl :)  We found some newborn outfits that will be too chilly for "Little Lady" and we dressed Miss B's baby in them.  She was in heaven!

After all the clothes were folded and hung up, shoes out of the boxes and hats, bows and accessories gone through we needed to organize the closet. 

The thought came to mind, what do I do with all these clothes, shoes and accessories for two girls who are sharing a room?!?!!!!  Oh dear...

When Miss B was born, I obtained my old, white wicker 
dresser (that was mine when I was a little girl) and placed it in her closet for extra storage.  She had a dresser/changing station to match her crib in the room but it's always nice to have more storage space for blankets, accessories, etc.  Good thing we still have it!

Here is how I got the girls closet organized:

The White Wicker Dresser

 To start, I went through all of Miss B's hanging clothes and pulled out all the ones that were to small and placed them in storage.  I do this every season.  Organized her dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. buy color.  I like to mix and match her clothes so that's an easy way of finding certain pieces.  For her undergarments, pj's, play clothes, and Spring clothes that she will be in next year we placed in the closet dresser. 

"Little Lady" will take the dresser/changing station in their room for all of her non-hanging items.  Just makes it easier when I have her on the changing station and for Miss B to help me get items :) All of her hanging items are on the lower right shelf in the closet, organized by size.

ALL the shoes!

We kinda have this "thing" for shoes :P  What girl doesn't?  haha  
My Mother-in-Love (a.k.a. - Mother-in-law) gave me this awesome rotating closet organizer when Miss B was born to help organize!  I just found it again in the attic...Yes!  This is what I have used for their shoes. When looking for shoes, especially small ones, you need to see them!  Some people place them in baskets or drawers but I have found that this rotating shelf and clear pocket organizer has saved me time (you need to be quick when dressing a newborn or squirmy toddler).  While doing research on where to buy this exact closet organizer, I found that no one sells them anymore!!!  G-R-E-A-T!

Soooo, to help you out I found some ones similar to the one I have.

Rotating 6-shelf/24 Pocket Organizer
Rotating 6-Shelf / 24 Pocket Closet Organizer. $ 19.25

Real Simple Rotating Closet Organizer
Real Simple Rotating Closet Organizer

Rotating Closet Shoe Organizer

Clear Over Door Shoe Organizer

Clear Over Door Shoe Organizer

I used the rotating organizer for both Miss B's Shoes and "Little Lady's" and love it!  Frees up so much space for other items!  
This rotating organizer has three sides of clear pockets and one side of shelving (not shown).  In the shelves, I have all of Miss B's sweaters, receiving blankets and bath towels/robes.  


These help out sooooo much!  The liners can come out for washing and can be replaced!  NICE!  I used the white wicker baskets with pink liners in the girls closet for stuffed animals, dolls and barbies.  I also used these baskets in the cream mirrored cabinet in the room for books and games.  The smaller pink box is used for "Little Lady's" socks and tights.

On the top shelf, I used a pink laundry basket for Miss B's "Nigh Nights" and extra blankets.  Rolled them and just stood them up!

{In this picture you can see part of the shelf on the rotating organizer}

So there you have it!  
{A Step Inside Our Bungalow....Miss B's and "Little Lady's" closet}

Hope all you lovelies have a wonderful week!


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  1. Oh I LOVE it!!! the joy of getting ready for the Baby's arrival is like nothing other... Pray the rest of your pregnancy is blessed and you get all the things you need to get done accomplished..

  2. Sniff...what Sweet Memories these photos bring. Cannot wait to meet "Little Lady".

    Love, Mom "Huney"

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  4. Great idea using all the closet space!

  5. Wow! Great job! I love pretty organization. Looks great!

  6. This is great! You can't beat Cute & organized! I'm your newest follower from the 2805 party. I love your blog! If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along.

  7. Girls things are so cute! I have a white wicker dresser in my daughter's closet as well, and it IS awesome to have that extra pretty storage option. You did a great job!

  8. Very smart! I have night stands in several of our closets for storage. love the dresser idea. It keeps everything nice and tidy.

  9. Wow, it is so nicely organized! Thakn you for sharing!

  10. You've been featured!


    Thanks for joining the Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party!

    Hope to see you again this next Thursday!


  11. Good ideas I may try some of this in my daughters room.
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  12. LOVE all of these tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing :) new to your blog!



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