Wednesday, January 5

Happy {Belated} New Years!!!...PART ONE

Wow, the 5th of January ALREADY!  Sorry it's been a while since my last post but the Adkins family are just now settling back into the "groove" of things.  Mr. Adkins starts classes back on Monday...but only until April is class time and then he will move onto the last step of Pharmacy school....Rotations!!!  You have no idea how excited we are!!!!!  It's been a long road, BABY!

To celebrate the NEW YEAR, we went to Boone, NC with Mr. Adkins family.  Had a great time enjoying the mountain air.

...she decided to try and catch a snow ball...with eyes closed of course :0)

MORE TO stay tuned!!!

I would like to thank my lovely fans, customers, family and friends for a wonderful 2010!   Polka Dot Bungalow had a fabulous and blessed "1st year" and I am looking so forward to 2011~


  1. LOVE the picture of her catching the snowball!

  2. Thank you!!! Haha...I didn't realize I had captured the snowball until I was editing my pics! I was soo


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