Thursday, March 24

Our {SPRING} Vacation...

Love when you are on vacation and your days are long.  Such a blessing to be with family.  

Coffee mornings with my sweet marme
Rocking my nephew every time he goes to sleep
Eating 3 bran muffins in the morning...and not caring
Nephew's (Stanton) dedication
No laundry
Listing to my grandmothers stories
Having the whole family together in the kitchen to make sushi
Staying in PJ's allllll day 
Enjoy watching Miss B make bread with her Gammie


Miss B's favorite thing....having Papa and Huney take her to Krispy Kreme for "Polka Dots" (aka..doughnuts) 

*** a little carried away with adding pictures :)***
Miss B and I are in heaven!

"Ring-a-Round-the-Rosy" with her Great-Grandmothers

Flower for your mommy...

Gammie rocking my Sweet Stanton

Making bread....

Snuggle Time...

On another note....
Giveaway news......
who won?
Can't wait to share :)


  1. Lovely photos. =) Seriously these are some of the best I've ever seen. I'm longing for a spring vacation...... Still kicking myself for not buying plane tickets to fly to Destin, FL. for $19 a way. A family of would have costed us around $120 + tax. What was I thinking?????

  2. I'm going to need you to send me all the pictures from this week! :) Love you and Miss B at Krispy Kreme! They are ALL great! Love Miss B and Gammie and Grandma Kerber playing ring and the rosey! Great Memories! Wish ya'll could stay another weekd! :(


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