Thursday, May 19

Greetings from the {Birthday Girls}...Lots of specials going on including....FREE SHIPPING :)

Wow, hard to believe I'm turning 28!  I had to really stop and think of what year I was turning...pretty bad, huh?!

Sniff, sniff...and my baby is turning 3!!! 

 Caution: Beware of the water works

So wish I could have her as a baby again.  I'm really enjoying the age she is at now, but there is just some things I wish I could relive!  She definitely is my Lovey and brings joy to her daddy and I.
A cute note:  We asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she gave the sweetest answer...

A pink one and balloons
Don't know what she saw that was pink, but we found something she is definitely gonna enjoy this summer!

I think that's enough pink, don't you??!!  haha  Only wish it came in my size!

We love you Miss B!

{Loves her cake}

Now for the fun stuff!!  

Your chance to celebrate with us :)  If you haven't already entered to win a bag from RUBY have got to go now!  

Go here to enter!  Giveaway closes Saturday, May 21st!


This is the first time to have this special offer in the shop and I am just 
tickled pink !!!

You will need a coupon code for when you check out:

This offer is valid Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th only!  So what are you waiting for...go shopping!

Just placed a few camera strap covers in the Clearance Section! These designs are being discontinued to make room for more.  
Once they are gone...their outta here!

 Clearance for:
$20.00 (w/o Lens Cap Pocket)~ 1 Available
$26.00 (w/ Lens Cap Pocket)~ 1 Available

Clearance for:
$18.00 (w/o Lens Cap Pocket)~ 3 Available

Clearance for:
$18.00 (w/o Lens Cap Pocket)~ 5 Available
$24.00 (w/Lens Cap Pocket)~ 4 Available

You've heard of the PDB Deals haven't you?  Well if you haven't click here and I'll explain!

For this special, I have a Bubblegum with Lens Cap Pocket!!!


Character this cover is presenting:
The pattern on the underside (fabric against your neck) is going a different direction than front. That's it!!  

How do you buy this?  For Facebook Fans only...if you are not one, click here and like us!  First one to mention them wanting the Bubblegum PDB Deals on our Facebook page with their email address will be sent a Paypal invoice... it will be yours!!!

Hope you all enjoy these specials!  Have a great off to 

Tatta for now...



  1. Happy Birthday girls!!!!! Hope the both of you have very special days!!!!

  2. Sending birthday wishes & SOOOO excited about that lovely woodland strap; my DSRL is going to look SOOO fancy!!!


  4. A BIG Happy the Both of you..

  5. Wishing you both a very happy birthday!!! Your both just beautiful!!

  6. Happy birthday to you both, I love these straps and I love that you both are May babies. Ev is the 5th and I am the 11th. She was due the 11th, so glad she came early, ha. :) xoxo


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