Saturday, May 7

The Love of A Mother

Where do I begin?

What should I tell?

How can words really express the {Love of my mother}?

...they can't.  Never in all my 27 years of living did I know the true meaning of being a mother
...until Miss B was born.

{Miss B and I the day after she was brought into this world}

Her innocent cry
Her best friend...the thumb
"Monkey Hair" that just would not lay down!

{Momma with Miss B}

Sure the excitement of finding out that I was expecting was a beautiful moment, one that I will cherish.  But having them place the child that I carried for 9 months in my arms for the first time was the moment it was all so real.  The responsibility that the Lord knew I COULD handle... but only with His help.

{Miss B's 1st Birthday Party}

One of my absolute Favorite pictures...My Grandmother (Gammie) with Miss B.  There is just something about hands.

The many tears they have caressed off their 
little one's face.

The times they held you tight and their genuine love they have for you could be felt without words ever spoken.

Many hours of prepping and cooking for meal after meal.

The clothes worn each day had to be washed, dried and ironed.

Holding of hands while strolling for a walk and praying over the food.

Reading of the Bible and gaining wisdom and knowledge to teach and raise.

The list could go on and on. 

And now dear momma,  I sit here and try to express to you in words the appreciation and love I have for you.  The tears of joy stream down my face as I thank the Lord for a sweet marme as you :)  It's not the easiest task in the world to raise a child, but I'm so very thankful I had YOU to do it!  Thank you for all the encouraging words given to me as I raise my little one.  Sharing with you the stories of what I'm experiencing daily with Miss B is a joy and treasure.
 I'm thankful for our relationship ~ what would I ever do without it.
Love you so much, Momma!

Happy Mother's Day ~ {SHMILY}

Sissy Woo Woo

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