Wednesday, June 8

One Word Wednesday....Pinterest

Last night I ventured to the site I have heard soooo much about

Can I just say....LOVE

Then I receive a text this morning from my Sister-in-love telling me about it! Weird, huh?  So I signed up to get an account.  Might take a couple days, but I am eager to start creating and designing.  Won't have to worry about forgetting my ideas now :)

Some ideas, inspiration and funnyness {yes, the only word I could think of} found through a few page hoping.


A place I could definitely curl up with Miss B and read her favorite books.

Love the editing on this sweet.

Sorta, kinda, maybe....uh, No....

I get nervous just looking at the picture

Think your having a hard day? {heart breaking}

Love picture walls

That color of blue is amazing!

Saving this idea for later

Yes, please!

Pinterest is my new "hang out" ~ going to get grand ideas for the upcoming projects that I have.  

Do you Pinterest?


  1. You're welcome!! Love ya! Can't wait for you to get your invite!!! :)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pinterest!! Just got hooked about a week ago!! Its soo fun, but sooo addicting!! Definitely going to have to limit my time!! Do you need an invite...if you so I can send you one!

  3. Tonya! It can be addicting...but it is so nice to know that people (like you) have a balance :) I was sent an invite already, but thank you for offering! Going to find you now :) Have a good day

  4. I love Pinterest! I do a weekly linkup on my blog on Tuesdays called Pinterest Pretties.

  5. Girl...I'm addicted to Pinterest...check mine may even see a familiar some'in', some'in' in my Products I Love Board :-)

  6. Oh My if I needed something else to keep me busy on the internet. I love Pinterest...I can't stop making boards! Look me up when you get a chance...eosanna. Have fun!


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