Friday, September 2

New Products in the shop!

Well, I totally forgot yesterday was the 1st of September...woops :)  If you remember, I was going to launch a line of FALL/WINTER Flower Cascading Pins into the shop!

Have you ever walked into a store..ummm..oh. say....Anthropologie and have your mouth drop when you raise the price tag.   Your not the only one :)  I have to say there is no sense in paying $98.00 (plus tax) for a felt flower brooch!  That's when I decided to go home and pull out the handy-dandy needle and thread!  

Please welcome our newest items to the shop:

Brown & Grey Flower Cascading Pin/Brooch

Charcoal & Cranberry Cascading Flower Pin/Brooch

For this weekend {Labor Day Weekend}, I will be offering a coupon code to all my lovely followers for Free Shipping in the shop!  Coupon Code: LABORDAYWEEKEND
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Have a fabulous & safe ~ Labor Day Weekend!



  1. Those look beautiful...I will be heading over to your shop shortly... : )How are you feeling..??

  2. Thank you soooo much for your order! I just knew you would be purchasing one ;P I am feeling a whole lot better...we find out Wednesday if boy or girl!! Terribly excited...Thank you again for your order and for asking! Have a great Labor Day!


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