Wednesday, October 19

{Going to the Fair}

Ok, so today I may be a little boring with pictures, but I just had to share with you my baby's first trip to the fair :)  We had a blast.  With me being the preggers this year I enjoyed the food...a little too much.  The most enjoyable time was seeing my Miss B on her first fair rides!  What an experience for her.


The swing:  This was for sure to put a smile on her face.

Caterpillar Roller Coaster: Her 1st roller coaster!!!  Daddy is so proud :)  He finally has someone to ride them with...mommy is a chicken when it comes to heights ( as you will remember I explained in this blog post )

The Boat:  She and her sweet cousin enjoyed the independence on this ride :)  Just look at the faces!

The Macaroni and Cheese Bowl:  One of a kids favorite foods :) 

Times, like these with my family has to be one of the best things on earth.  



  1. LOVE all these Pictures! LOVE I could look at them over and over again! She's so brave! HA Maybe Little Man will like rides too and you and I can just enjoy their sweet faces from the ground! LOVE

  2. O kako su slatka i vesela dječica,vidi se da uživaju.Krasne slike..
    Lijep pozdrav.


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