Friday, November 18

{NEW} Sponsor! Please welcome...Bluebird and Violet!!


These three words *definitely* sum up this adorable shop.  

Vintage Blue Bottles (3) for them here

Little Background on the Bluebird and Violet:

hi :)
a little tid bit about me~ I’m a wife to my best friend and high school sweetheart, a mama to my two little sweet peas, and just a girl who loves Jesus, to write, dream, eat ice cream and pancakes for dinner, wear ballet flats, laugh everyday, spin in dresses, listen to the rain, sinking my feet into the sand, basking in really good music, and listen to my children's giggles. I love farmers markets and blueberry picking.

I love to look for some sort of simple happiness wherever I go, the simple and quiet, and going to auctions and antique shops.

While one of my favorite places in the whole wide world is my hubby's arms with my kids in between and of course Mackinac Island, I still dream of traveling the countryside of France looking for antique treasures, rolling down the hills of Ireland and sitting in an old villa in Italy telling stories with old friends, but until then, I’m happy right where I’m at.
I love shabby chic and vintage cottage charm and I love estate sales and antiquing, it’s like a mini vacation. I love to create buntings for yummy celebrations and passing along a vintage treasure or two.

All handmade items are made while pondering lovely thoughts and dreams, and I hope you love them as much as I do.
have a blessed day~

Does she not paint such a vivid dream of what France, Ireland and Italy should be??

..... Here are just a few of my favorite items at the Bluebird and Violet .....

White Milk Glass Jars (3) for them here

 Christmas has already started to fill her shop
Vintage Ice Skates
Are these not great!!??  
Definitely won't be doing any ice skating at the moment...but decorating??
 Got great ideas for these beauties!!

Love them?? shop for them here

Some other lovelies from her shop to decorate your home for this 
{Holiday Season}

Set of 8 Vintage Red Ornaments   ~   Vintage Sheet Music   ~   Christmas Cake Bunting (Noel)


 Thank You to Wes at Bluebird and Violet 
for such a bright, fresh and cheery shop!


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We would {Love} to have you!

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