Friday, January 13

Happy Friday!

Stopping in on this {lovely} Friday, to say


Can you tell where "Miss B" and I ventured out to today??  Hint: Red Buggy :)

Target, baby!

Came home and saw this on Pinterest!  

LOL Who loves Target??!!

Funny saying of the day {from the inquisitive "Miss B"}:  Told "B" this morning, over a huge stack of blueberry waffles that we were going to a baby shower for baby sissy tomorrow!  Not even thinking about the word "shower" and how a 3 year old thinks...I though nothing about it.  She looks up from dipping her eggo into the glorious, sugary goodness and says, "WOW...does she get a big bath??!!"  

Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!


  1. So CUTE!!!! I am addicted to Target!! :)

  2. LOVE HER SAYINGS! The stuff that comes out of her mouth sometimes amazes me! LOVE HER!


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