Tuesday, January 10

"Miss B" & her Tea Party

Who doesn't {LOVE} a fun tea party??!!

Miss B and I put one on this morning.  "Make-believe" can be so fun, dandy and sweet :)  Especially when it's with your munchkin.  When I had set the table with lovely treasures and pretty linens, Miss B looks up at me and says "Where's the food and tea?"  lol... I looked down at her and said well this is where we pretend...OH!  A light bulb came on!

Later that morning, I was editing the pictures and overheard her tell the "make-believe" friends "No, we are pretending...that's what momma said :)" Oh!  I just love this age!!!  Full of life and funny, funny sayings!  

{Enjoy our sweet morning}

Ruffle Headband Tutorial in the works!  I will be posting instructions on how to make this lovely accessory!!!  

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. oh my gosh! i.must.do.this.asap! this is beyond adorable and i know my daughter would be so in love! thanks for linking up your beautiful photos.


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