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Working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {Part I} The Armoire

A step inside my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects

Last year, prior to moving from our previous bungalow {here } to our new, I fell in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!...It's everywhere!!! 

Anywhoooo, I was in need of paint for my furniture pieces but did not want to do all the dirty work as in sanding {messy} and priming {boring}! Had all these nice pieces that needed an update...changing styles, you know how it goes but didn't want to get messy...ok, so i'm a girly girl and don't want to get my nails messed up...{hahahaha}...well, not that much of a "girly girl" I do have two girls, a hubby, the Polka Dot Bungalow Shop , an assistant pastor with the hubby, i could go on and on but that would get too involved with what I'm trying to say....
I'm a busy wife, mother that just doesn't have a lot of TIME!  

Need something really, really easy to paint with. You can find out more on it at Annie Sloan .  
The paint is amazing and will adhere to anything! 

The hubby is happy I found this paint too....for a couple reasons :)
  • Saves $$$ from buying new furniture
  • He doesn't have to paint it ....I definitely is a "girls paint" :)
Please note, these are my personal opinions!

~ Pros ~

  • Easy, easy, easy! No Sanding or Priming required.
  • No harsh smells...almost odorless
(You can literally paint right inside your home.  Love this! So while the girls are playing, I can paint right there near them...awesome!)
  • Dries incredibly fast
  • A little goes a long way
(Mix with a little water and it goes even further!)
  • Available in a lot of colors
(Need a color or shade different than what's sold, you can mix colors!)
  • You can distress for a vintage look or leave alone

~ Cons ~
  • Expensive...around $38/qt

{Yes, that is a pricey can of paint BUT look at what your getting! 
  1. A painted piece of furniture that you can take pride in knowing you did ....all. by. yourself :)
  2. Saving $$$ on furniture...Use a piece you want to update or check out Craigslist for unique pieces.  A NEW piece of furniture can be significant in price, especially one of the new distressed styles...believe me i've looked!
  3. The paint goes a long way!  For this armoire piece...I mixed two colors of course but ended up with almost a half a qt. of the Duck Egg Blue! WOW!  More items to paint in my future :))))

  • Not available for sale in a lot of local stores
{You can buy at local stores, if they carry it.  We have a local store about 30 minutes from where I live that I bought my first quart from but my local purchases come from Robyn Story Designs .  They offer from what I can find the lowest price available. HOWEVER, I personally find that their paint swatches do not match with the Annie Sloan's!  So if you are interested in purchasing from their site, please go to Annie Sloan's website to view the swatches prior to purchase :) Just a helpful hint.}

  • I honestly do not have that many cons to this paint...just love it :)

The first piece of furniture I want to share with you is a piece I found in a furniture clearance shop around 7 years ago!  {Sorry for the bad pic, but I couldn't find the pics I took with my phone during the paint project! errr...cute little girl though, right :)} My style has changed since that time and it needed an update and fast!  It is sturdy and just lovely.  After finding ASCP I instantly thought of this item. Great for distressing...oh yeah!

After mixing Old White and Duck Egg Blue...Exactly how it says to do here it turned out to be all that I wanted and more!  I was amazed at what it transformed to room into.  

For this large armoire:

  •  I painted 2 coats using old white and duck egg blue
  •  Light sanding for a distressed look
  •  Minimal Annie Sloan waxing  on the top and on scroll work (more on that later)

Before we moved the armoire from the entrance (where I had painted it) to the Master Bedroom, I took the girls Christmas Pics :)

Stay tuned for more Parts to my projects using ASCP
Hope you enjoyed :)


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  1. THAT is one gorgeous piece, Steph!!! Wow! I love the size and the embellishments on it! Great job, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. That is the most stunning piece of furniture ever and that last picture is gorgeous! BTW - I have an iPad KIC Mount giveaway going on right now if you would like to come enter.


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