Tuesday, November 9

New fabric has just arrived!

Was so excited to receive all my packages of new fabric yesterday!! Take a look at some of the newest additions to the family :0) :

 If there is one thing in the "sewing world" that I love, it's fabric!  A new line of camera strap covers are in the making with these gorgeous fabrics...well in the design and drafting area of my mind ;)  Life has been pretty busy for me lately.  Holiday orders, rush orders, custom orders,  writing for blog reviews and giveaways, but what always keeps me calm in the midst of these tasks is Miss B running in the Bungalow to give me a sweet kiss, hug and "I wuv you, mommy"... MELTS THE HEART!

So, what do you think of the fabric?! I hope you LOVE!  Also, ruffle or no ruffle?  Rosette or no rosette?  Have another idea?  Let me hear it!  I appreciate all your feedback.


  1. LOVE the new fabric! I Heart pretty fabric too! Of course my Fav is the white with green flowers!

  2. I knew the moment I saw it....'That is what Shay would pick' :P

  3. It's all so pretty! I'm partial to the third one, the hibiscus, of course. ;) I adore the ruffle you add as well... and the rosette! Maybe my next one will have a rosette? :)

  4. Thanks to you, Colleen who found that GORGEOUS fabric! I think I'm going to add the ruffle and rosette to the next camera strap covers...so glad you love the design :)

  5. Oh, I love this fabric!! Makes me want to go sew something right now!!


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