Saturday, November 6

Coming soon to a Polka Dot Bungalow near you...

...I've always wanted to say that :)

Ok. A lot of my sweet and lovely customers have been emailing me wanting to know if the Ruffled Camera Strap Covers could have an added lens cap pocket added.  Searching pattern after pattern, digging for useful information, I finally just gave up the search and designed my own pattern!  Quite excited to bring all you "Snap-Happy" photographers the:

dSLR Ruffled Camera Strap Cover with the Added Lens Cap Pocket!!!!!

The add on will be available in the shop Monday, November 8th!


  1. Hooray! I was THRILLED when I got your Etsy message that you'd gone to all that extra work. I cannot wait to put that strap on my camera! Hoping to sport it at a wedding I'm shooting next weekend. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you for so sweetly and considerately going the extra mile!

  2. Oh goodie! Your package will be shipped today! I enjoyed creating this for you ~ and thank you for helping me get it in the works :0)

  3. Is that last strap black with a yellow and black cover? Oh my. Love it. You are so talented. Can't wait to get my strap w/ lens pocket.

  4. I wish I had a dSLR so I had a reason to order one of these GORGEOUS strap covers!!!


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