Friday, November 5

One of Miss B's favorite things...

Having a little person around the house sure has brought bliss, humor, liveliness, refreshment, joy and.... never a dull moment!  This morning started out no different.  Miss B woke up wanting to wear her Ariel "Little Mermaid" dress.   SOOO we pulled it out from the back of the closet.  (Glad it still fit!)   Once on, she twirled and squealed with delight.  On to breakfast we went ~ Smoothie TIME!  Many thanks to Papa and Huney for our new blender ***I blew my other one up while making a smoothie***

Isn't it pretty :0)

One of Miss B's favorite breakfast items is this beauty right here!  One way to get fruits in your sweet munchkins.


1 banana
1 cup of ice
1/2 cup of Orange juice
1 cup of yogurt ( I usually use vanilla or strawberry greek yogurt. You may use any of your fav's)
1 cup of blueberries or blackberries
1 cup of strawberries

Place banana, ice and orange juice in blender.  Blend until all ice is broken up. Add next three ingredients.  Almonds last.  Yummy!

 As you can see Miss B loves it.  She even asked for more :)

For Papa and Huney (and of course anyone else)

Miss B's new sayings....

First of all, the one that has been cracking me up since yesterday is when I ask her a question i.e. "Would you like to color?" Her response "Of course!" 

When you thank her for anything good she does..."No problem"

Miss B. has been learning her shapes. Welllllll... she got a hold of my pen this morning and drew on my grocery list...hahaha...She brought it to me and said "Wook, Mommy...a circuul"

and last but certainly not the least....

She was eating her snack of yogurt today and spilt the individual container on her high chair.  She looked up and said "Oh no, I made a mess"

Enjoy your Friday everyone!  What's on the agenda for your weekend??  

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  1. Oh my what a delight to see my wittle Ariel enjoying her Moothie! I start thinking about her during the day and just break out laughing. Love when she is at our house and walks down the hall in the morning, "Good Morning Papa, good morning! "No Problem Huney, no problem. Then there are the Keeshes at the perfect times.

    Love, Huney


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