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Burp Cloth Tutorial

Burp Cloth Tutorial

I'm quite excited to be featuring my first tutorial!!!  Searching through my fabric leftovers I found this adorable blue and green polka dot pattern....isn't it cute! This tutorial is very easy.  So, if you are new to sewing this is perfect for you.  Okay, to start out here are the items you will need to create this project:

~ Scissors
~ Ruler
~ Cutting mat (optional)
~ Rotary cutter (optional)
~ Pins
~ Cotton Fabric (measuring 5.5" wide x 19" length)
~ White burp cloth
~ Sewing machine
~ Thread ( I used olive green for the thread on top and white for the bobbin)
~ Iron/Ironing board

To get started:

Prewash your fabric.  Make sure the fabric is completely dry before beginning.  Iron out wrinkles.

Lay your fabric out on cutting mat (if you do not have one just use a table). Measure 5.5"W x 19"L.

Place your strip of fabric on ironing board.  Pattern side down. Starting on sides, measure 1/4 of an inch in and press.  

Still working with the sides, go back and measure another 1/4 of an inch and press.

Once sides have been completely pressed, do the same method for top and bottom of fabric strip.

Having all sides of fabric pressed, place strip onto diaper cloth to make sure that it meets with all seams. 

Pleased? Okay, lets complete this!  Pin fabric in place.

Start sewing.  For this project, I go about 1/4 of an inch in with the sewing machine needle. Sew all the way around.  Make sure you use a back stitch to close up your seam.

TAAADAAA! You are done!

Wouldn't this be nice for a christmas gift? Or, baby shower gift nestled in a diaper bag. So darling. Enjoy this my lovelies! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

The Tinkerer


  1. I love the way you add pictures to walk us through the steps... it helps so much and keeps me interested the entire way through rather than just reading a bunch of text. I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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