Friday, December 3

Fantastic Friday Favorites - Gift Ideas

Happy Friday lovelies!  This is the day we look forward to when Monday is upon us.  We anxiously await for our "work week" to end so we can enjoy time off for fun stuff with family and friends.  I'm starting something new to look forward too.  Every Friday I will do a "Fantastic Friday Favorites" which will include some of my favorite things that I have stumbled upon.  To start everything off I thought I would peek into my favorites on Etsy and pull a few items out.  Christmas is near so remember those stocking stuffers!!!

Love this 8x10 print by Keep Calm Shop!! I have the "Keep Calm and Sew On" print on my Christmas list.  Would look so cute in my Bungalow craft room.  If you know me, you know I LOVE cupcakes (making them and eating them :-) This Bird Cupcake Stand by Whitney Smith Pottery would look so cute for birthday parties or just put it in a glass cabinet for show!!!  PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY!!

When I stumbled upon these GORGEOUS trinket boxes by Fun Wall Art I had the idea of starting Miss B a trinket box collection!  This one in particular is my favorite....IT HAS POLKA DOTS!! How cute is this!!! The store has an assortment of different have to check them out!


A little something for my wardrobe :0)  Check out this talented seller, Bayan Hippo.  These are two of the lovelies I'd like to accessorize my outfits with.  Also featured in this shop are handbags with ruffles! Oh, Yeah!

 Gourmet Thready: Children's Aprons, Hostess Half Aprons and Oven Mitts....aren't these darling?? I can just see Miss B and I making our Christmas cookies in these....HOW FUN!!

Enjoy these Fav's...maybe they will become yours as well :0)  Have a lovely Friday everyone!


  1. Great finds!
    Thanks so much!! :o)

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