Saturday, January 15

Happy New Years...PART TWO

To start off, I'm just gonna say that I am TERRIFIED of heights!!!!!  Can't do roller coasters (unless they are inside a building and it is pitch black....Disney World for instance.  Rode every one because I couldn't see a thing!  Mr. Adkins has tried his best to "explain" that it is the most awesome thing but I've decided it's just not for me.  So if you have ever gone to Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC you know exactly what I'm fixing to talk about :)  

Driving up Grandfather Mountain is not that far up. Curves, sharp curves, long get the picture.  We get half way up and there is a stopping point where you can go enjoy a gift store, look at the bears (which was closed at the time), otters, and cougars. Oh, and that is where the kids had their snowball fight :0) The only part I enjoyed..haha.  We get back in the car and drive the rest of the way up.  Thank goodness for left over peppermint candy canes from Huney and Papa's house!!! 

We made it (safely).  If I only would have known that that was the easy part.  What I've not been telling you is that Mr. Adkins and his brother, Matt have been telling me about the swinging bridge that it is stationary now and I'd have no problem going across, that it's really not that high and it will be fun.  I keep saying 'No, no...I'll just stay on the other side of the bridge with the kids and you all have your fun, little "height rush" walking across' :P

We get out of the car and take a few pics (here is one).  

Miss B & Mr. Adkins

I have to say that this was quite beautiful.  Standing there looking down at all that God has created.  To behold His beautiful work.

aaaaannnnndddd back to the story....So after all the pictures were taken, kids coats put on and the family convincing me that the bridge was not that high and was completely stationary...I was determined to get it over with and to show that....

(here it is...the Mile High Swinging Bridge)
Want to read more about it, click HERE

The adrenaline was high, I felt the blood rushing through my veins like Niagara Falls.  

{If you could only hear what my brain was saying}

The first step..."oh, yeah babe! I got this."
The second step..."did it just move?"
The third step..."what was I thinking??"

by the time I had reached 1/4 of the way I remember saying to Mr. Adkins (In a small cry) 'I do not like all!!'  He asked.."are you really that scarred?"  'YES!!' I replied. 

I never looked up, didn't look around to enjoy the scene..just kept my head down looking at the "stationary bridge".  Clinched Mr. Adkins belt buckle and walked on...praying the whole time.  

After it seemed like 30 minutes, we made it to the other side!!!  The whole family asked me how I did, I just found me a rock to sit on and didn't  My heart was racing.  The mind was just thinking, 'oh, I have to do it again'.

Here is a picture to prove I made

Poor Miss B., I believe I was holding on to her too tight. Look at that face!! haha  

Well we crossed back over and I made it along with everyone else. The bridge still stands today if you would like to "enjoy" it...haha

My first and LAST time.

I do have to add this in that Mr. Adkins knows that I do not do heights very well and apologized after "making me" walk the bridge.  {This is for you honey :)}

I can clean like a mad woman, design, and cook up a storm...but heights???...forget about it

happy new year everyone (sorry I'm only 15 days late)...but better late than never!!!

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  1. You might not believe this but when I was a little girl I went across that bridge when it was a real swinging bridge! I still remember holding onto my Grandpas legs halfway across the bridge as my dad and my cousin were swinging the bridge back and forth! I am terrified of heights too and I blame that bridge!


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