Thursday, January 27

Smelly Goods...and cleaning ones too

Have you ever walked into Anthropologie or Bath and Body Works {I will use these two stores since they are my FAVS for yummy, smelly goodness} and just stood and took in they delicious aroma and wished your house would smell like that....FOREVER!!! HA  Well I have and I'm sure the people standing around me thought I was a nut!  Oh, well...I enjoy the small things in life :0)  Just found another yummy smell CITRUS CILANTRO found at Pier 1.....LOVING! While shopping for  the kitchen I ran in there and boy OH boy, I fell in love.

I bought the sachet to empty in my vacuum...haven't got around to doing that yet because it's in the kitchen and smells to good to take out..haha.  They have the diffuser so I will need to go get that for the kitchen.

What I am currently loving


Golden Amber Resin

Bath and Body Works 
Island Margarita


Remember a few weeks ago in my Friday Favorites I mentioned the Mrs. Meyers cleaning products?  Well I got my first cleaning product!!!!  I was so excited. Was shopping at TJMaxx (one of my sweet deal shopping places) and you know those little stands at the front where you check out.  They load all kinds of gadgets and stuff to catch your eye while waiting for the next cashier...well it caught my eye!  A whole bunch of them...haha.  Just got one products..I was good :0)

Tried it when I got home...It's FABULOUS!!!

If I get the whole set, just might clean everyday...well, on second thought......

Do you have any?  What are your favorites? Any suggestions?  HMM????


  1. I'm in LOVE with the bamboo candle you got me. Love it for my bathroom very relaxing while taking a shower. Stephen even lights it up occasionally. And don't forget the mint chocolate chip Candle Mom got us! LOVE in my kitchen! I can even smell it when it's not lite!

  2. Mint CHocolate Chip candle??? mmmm, I want one too!!!! Visiting from I Heart Naptime!

  3. I have been in love with Mrs. Meyers cleaning products for a few years too.... I love the lavender countertop spray for the kitchen and the lemon verbena hand soap for the kitchen. Geranium hand soap I love for the bathroom. I've found although I love geranium in the soap, in anything else it has been too overpowering. The baby laundry detergent is also really yummy smelling. I used it when my kids were babies. Writing about it is reminding me that I should get it again, just because.

  4. Hello! I'm a new follower. I saw you over at I Heart Naptime. Your camera straps are awesome btw! Also, I gotta say, Citrus Cilantro sounds AMAZING! hehe

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