Wednesday, January 26

Kitchen Makeover {Design Blueprint}

Kitchen Design Blueprint

Ideas I'm currently looking at for the kitchen design.  Neutrals with a touch of dark purple.... LOVE!

The two birds up on top are salt and pepper shakers!!!

Baskets above kitchen cabinets.

Clock: would like an oval one.

Already have the glass canisters.  I think I will order the chalkboard labels from Bradensgracewallart

Greyish brown wall color. excited to see the end result!!!


  1. FYI. You can buy chalk board paint. I don't think it cost much. You could just use painters tap to tape off the area you want. I've been wanting to do the same thing for the canisters! :) Love all the ideas!

  2. Beautiful! Ditto on the chalkboard paint- I bought a little can for $10 or so @ Wal-Mart, and I've used it on tons and tons of surfaces, and still have about half a can left. Great to have on hand.

  3. From Rachel
    Love the ideas!! I might use some of these in my home!!

    P.S. - Chalkboard paint is great! I've used it before on place mats for the kids and its so fun for them to draw on it! I also know a lady who painted her daughters wall with blue chalkboard paint! They get to draw on the walls!


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