Thursday, February 17

{SPRING} Feevaaaa

So we have a little over a month until SPRING!!!  Quite excited :)  Introduced the first Spring 2011 camera strap cover design to the shop this week:


Your friends will be "Pea Green with Envy" ;P

Also, switched the ruffle color on the Classy and Sassy

Loving this color!!!

I've got a lot of new designs for Spring coming up...need more hours in the day to create them!  Please be patient :0)  (Mother of a 2 year old who is trying to help her understand that the potty is our friend)

Have you checked out our PDB Deals section in the shop??  They are  flying out the door!  Guess you like them :0)  PDB Deals are 50% off the regular price ~ you are practically stealing these...nah I just like you to much!

On another note, wanted to inform you that the car seat canopy's will be leaving the Polka Dot Bungalow :0(  It was a very hard decision for me to make but I'm now gearing the shop completely over to Camera Strap Covers.  SO, with that tough announcement out of the way, once the car seat canopy's sell out they are goooonnnneeee and will not return.  

Please visit the SHOP for other designs...only a few left!


  1. LOVE the new camera straps! Sorry to hear the Car seat canopy's are leaving :) I know lots of people love them! I know I love mine!!

  2. WOW! Those new camers strap covers are awesome! Especialy the green one!!! Absolutely gorgeous:)

  3. Love the new straps! Your stuff is soo cute! Can't wait to get my new strap in the mail!!!

  4. I love the camera straps. The first one that you posted on the blog is the one I want. Being a photographer, I think it would be so much fun! The others I have seen aren't near this cute! Yay!


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