Tuesday, April 12

A Great {BIG} 'Thank you' and some lovely wreaths...

Introducing the Spring 2011 line was quite exciting for me ....EEEEK! :)  Lots of bold colors, including navy and coral (a couple of loves for me) :)...different fabric designs and ruffles! After opening the shop, I had one of my sweet fans {who also has an Etsy SHOP of her own and lovely (creative I might add) blog ~ Love of Family & Home ( She is the SWEETEST)}...ok back to what I was saying...contact me asking if she could do a blog post introducing her readers to my new line!!!  So kind...right?!

Tonya ~ Thank you...It meant the world!

Another shout out would be to my "BLOG" friend, Ashley from Domestic-Fashionista....she is absolutely, positively the {LOVELIEST}....Luv her!!!  From the get go, she has tweeted, blogged, posted, commented any way or form to get the Polka Dot Bungalow out there into the wide open world! That was a lot said, huh?..sorry!!  But it's the truth!  

Ashley ~ Thank you friend!

Love you gals!...a bunch :)


Right before Spring, I received the Pottery Barn magazine full of BEAUTIFUL accessories and awesome decor.  {Ideas are the only thing I can afford :)}  And that is ok...I absolutely LOVED creating the wreath for my front door and sharing with you all through this tutorial.  

A couple of my readers sent along their wreaths inspired from the tutorial and I just HAD to share with you!!

Stacy over at Preppy and Pink

Emily over at Liberty Tree Photography {Look a that sweet, little bird}

Thank you ladies for sharing...love them :) 

What are the Spring crafts you've been working on??  
Would love to see!!

For Papa and Huney (and of course anyone else)

Miss B's new sayings....

~ Sunday School -----> "Huney School"
(post coming soon with Miss B going to Sunday School for the 1st time :))
~ Dinner -----> "Diffrence"
~ Something ----> "Sompin"
~ Doughnuts ------> "Polka Dots"



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  1. Lovely! BTW I love love love my camera strap <3


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