Saturday, April 9

Pennant Bunting and Silhouette {EASTER} Basket Tutorial

Two of my favorite things...besides ruffles and rosettes are silhouettes and bunting!!  Just darling!

Bring them together for a ONE-of-a-KIND Easter Basket for your sweet princess.

What you will need for this project:

Tin Pale
Fabric ~ I used scraps of Heather Bailey {Pop Garden}
Ribbon ~ Used Polka Dot Scraps :)
Fabric Paint
Sponge Brush
Silhouette Stencil
Hot Glue Gun
Pinking Scissors

{Creating the Silhouette Hang Tag}

Print out the silhouette that you will be using.  Need to make a silhouette, click HERE
Now cut to make a stencil.  Once the stencil has been cut, place on a piece of round burlap.  You may use tape to secure the stencil.  Using the sponge brush, lightly pat fabric paint onto the burlap.  Remove stencil off burlap.  Let dry completely.  While paint is drying, cut a piece of fabric (using pinking scissors) into an oval, a little larger than burlap silhouette piece.  Glue burlap onto fabric.

***Note - I changed fabric paint from pink to brown :)***


Set aside.  We will finish the hang tag in the last step.

{Creating the Pennant Bunting}

Using your pinking scissors, cut several fabric rectangles. 

For the bunting lines, measure the ribbon by placing on your bucket/basket.  You will want it to "droop" a little.  Do one line at a time.

Placing the rectangles on the ribbon:  Make sure your fabric is face down.  Glue one piece of fabric at a time...face down.  Use small amounts of do not want it going over the top and sides of fabric.

After all rectangles are glued onto ribbon, we now get to add the bunting to the bucket/basket!!

Take your time!  Again, use small amounts of glue.

Keep on adding bunting until you are satisfied with the amount you have.  Do not overdue it:

~ Simple is BEAUTIFUL ~

{Attaching the Hang Tag}

Bunting is created, attached and just ADORABLE.  Now to attach the hang tag.

You can use any time of ribbon, twine, yarn...I chose to use light, pink tulle.

Make a small hole at the top of fabric.  Bring tulle through and tie a knot around handle of bucket/basket.  Make a simple bow.   Now fill it up with goodies for your sweetheart :)

Don't just use this for Easter...wouldn't this be a great party favor basket or birthday party idea!!  

Enjoy {L}ovelies!!



  1. So beautiful! I love it!

  2. I want to make a basket for my son and I am going to use some of your ideas just boyish! I love it of you linked it up to my new party-Workshop Wednesdays @ goobyecityhellosuburbs

  3. Very sweet idea! I love how it turned out!

    Found you at Goodbye City, Hello Suburbs. =)

  4. Excellent tutorial and beautiful basket!

  5. Super cute! Would love for you to link this up :)

    Lolly Jane

  6. Thanks for linking to workshop Wednesday! I did the same concept but with blues and greens! I hope to see you back this week! @ goobyecityhellosuburbs

  7. I love this so much!
    I'm going to put it on my blog tomorrow, if you don't mind!
    (I posted my awesome camera strap from you a few weeks ago, too!)


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