Friday, April 29

Having a Bad Day?

Yesterday, Mr. Adkins finished his last class {EVER} in Pharmacy School!  He is now a P4 student at Wingate Pharmacy...1 more year with rotations and then GRADUATION!!! So proud of him...can you tell :)
After class, we started on the road headed to my parents house in TN.  What usually takes us 6 hours took 9 1/2.  We sat in stand still traffic.  When we finally did travel it took us 2 1/2 hours to go only 4 miles!!!  With a toddler who needed to go potty and a gas tank on E (with the red light on) I started to get a little concerned.  Slowly creeping down the highway, we saw that there was an exit a little up the road!!! Yes, a gasoline station! NOPE....there was a cop parked at the exit informing all travelers that the storm had taken out all gas for us!  Little by little we traveled down the interstate.  Slowly we started entering a small town outside of Bristol, TN.  The town had been hit with a tornado earlier. Mr. Adkins and I had never seen the damage in person of what a tornado had the capacity of doing.  Believe me the scene was numbing!  The tornado had taken semi trailers and tossed and twisted them like they were nothing! Trees tangled in power lines.  Search and rescue was everywhere.  The poor families!

{click the pictures to enlarge}

What use to be a semi!

Thank you Lord for your protection and may your hand be upon the lives who have lost so much...and may I always think twice about complaining!

Please keep the families of the South in your daily prayers.



  1. Congrats to Mr. Adkins! =) I know you're proud. I was anxious to hear if your SIL survived the storm. It was really bad here pretty much all day Wednesday. SO glad it's over. Definitely praying for all of those affected by the storm. It was insane. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Jennifer...thank you for asking! The whole family is safe and sound!! They stayed in the basement the whole day. The surrounding area (Ringgold, GA) got hit hard and destroyed the city. Thank you again for asking... thankful you all are ok too. Enjoy your weekend, sweets!

  3. congrats to your hubby! what an accomplishment!

    as for those pictures, so sad and hard to look at. i can't imagine what those families have been through or what you yourself felt like as you were driving through. so surreal.

  4. I was watching on the news. So sad. Unimaginable really.


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