Monday, April 25

What a {LOVELY} Easter!

I hope all my lovelies had a {Wonderful} Easter with your family.

This was the first year Miss B dyed eggs and had an
 Easter Egg Hunt!!!
Loved every minute of it!

I believe she was getting a little tired of having her pictures doesn't show does it?!  :)

....Easter Egg Hunt

...later in the day (after the hunt), found her digging through her Easter basket...

I do believe she found something...yummy!

Miss B and Stephanie


  1. LOVE! She's so pretty just like her Mommy! What did you curl her hair with it's Gorgeous! It really is holding a curl better! So cute! Can't wait to see ya'll!

  2. She is adorable - her dress, her shoes, her headband...her! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

  3. Your pics are just adorable!! Glad you all had a fabulous Easter!!


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