Saturday, April 23

Last Minute Easter it's delish!

Wow, one more day until Easter!  Do you have any special traditions with your family?  We dyed eggs with Miss B on Thursday night...she had a blast!

Sorry for the pics...Mr. Adkins took them..haha :)..... Love you honey *smooch*

I apologize that there are no pics of the finished eggs...had a hankering for egg salad ;P


Now for the fun, yummy {Last Minute} Easter Idea!!!

Chocolate Easter Nests 
Malted {Speckled} Eggs

We are having an Easter Bake Sale at our church tomorrow and I wanted something fun and different to make.  Researched and found this great recipe on Woman's Day!!!!

Follow directions completely.
End result...yummo!
This recipe made 12 medium nests.

I just had to have something cutesy to put them in!!  

Brown Paper Baskets

Go to your closest Dollar Tree for the supplies!

What you will need:

12 Brown Paper Bags
Easter Grass
Pinking Scissors
Scotch Tape
Colorful Paper
Hole punch (not pictured)

Making the Brown Paper Baskets:

Open up paper bag...

Fill with Easter grass.
Do not close with tape yet.

Making the tags:
Using the pinking scissors, cut a square, oval, circle, etc.  I chose a square.  After your square has been cut, make a hole at top left corner.  Then write whatever you would like onto the tag!

After the tag has been created, use your decorative ribbon and tie name tag onto handle!

Nests made! Now lets wrap!  
Wrap your nests by placing the cling wrap on the top of nest and tuck underneath.

Place your wrapped nests in the baskets.  Tape handles together :)

 Happy Easter!!




  1. So adorable! I've seen these nests done on another blog. They're VERY cute! We're going to try dying eggs for the first time tonight. ;o) The last couple of years we've participated in a large egg hunt our church sponsors and we have friends and their kids over for lunch. It makes a BUSY day with TWO services to attend, but it's a really fun tradition that we've started. We usually hunt eggs with our neighbor's kids after lunch on Easter Sunday. F-U-N!
    Happy Easter!!!

  2. SO cute Steph! So wish we lived closer so we could do all these projects together! Can't wait to see ya'll soon!


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