Monday, June 20

{Marvelous} Monday....No. 5

Monday, already!!??  Whew....  I totally skipped the Father's Day post that was intended for yesterday...was still trying to get over the nasty head cold...Nasty!  Feeling like a totally new person today....I think I could take on the world....weeellll maybe not that good :)

What would we do without fathers?  I do love mine with all my heart.  He is one of the most loving human beings and so caring.  Tenderhearted and trying to please all who are around him.  He is the BEST dad and the one the Lord knew I needed :)  So thank you, daddy for being such a great Dad...I love you.

Miss B with Papa at the Outer Banks

Now, to the best and most loving hubby....EVER...
Your love for Miss B is truly a Father's Love.  The time you share in tea parties and running around the house, brings only a smile to my face as I know you enjoy this role in life.  You fit this part completely and are one of the best father's any child could be blessed to have.  She calls you "Daddy" not because you are her father but because she loves you!  

An adorable little saying that she has just now started saying:

"Daddy, that makes my heart"
What she means: "Daddy, that melts my heart"

Oh!  What would we do without you, Miss B.
(better stop...the tears are flowing uncontrollably!)

Miss B so proud of the "paper" tie she made in Sunday School for her daddy :)
Please forgive me...I only had my phone to take the picture...haha

NOW...on to our {Marvelous Monday}!

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Enjoy your Monday!

{HUGS} & Blessings,



  1. The lamp and the little red clock are the cutest!

  2. Thanks for the tears this morning! :) Glad you're feeling better!!!

  3. Thanks for the feature Stephanie!! I really appreciate it!! Glad you had a good father's day with the men in your life!! Very sweet post! Happy Monday!! Have a good week!

  4. Love the Wreath....I do hope you get to feeling better... ;)

  5. Thanks for the feature! What a great round-up. I am honored to be included!

  6. OH WOW!!!! Thanks SO much for the feature!!! Total shock!!!! Loving your blog, new follower!!


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