Friday, June 17

{New} Section on the Blog...Covers In Action

Have you looked up there on the menu bar to find 

{NEW} Covers in Action

I do believe I put this new section on the blog and forgot to post about it!  

If you are anything like me, I want to {see} what I'm buying.  In other words:

How does it look?
Give me some comparison in size.
What am I really buying?

Here you are....a photo shoot dedicated to all you fashionistas!


If you are considering a ruffle camera strap cover from the Polka Dot Bungalow, I want you to obtain all the information you can on what you will receive :)  

A few months ago, 
  •  Niña and Cecilia ~ lovely {twin} sisters who are photographers {Creative Spark}, contacted the Polka Dot Bungalow.  They offered their assistance in helping the camera strap covers come alive.  Their work is incredible....they definitely have helped so many buyers {see} what they are purchasing!  To you sweet ladies,
    Thank You.

Are they not awesome?! 

On a side note, Thank you to all who have waited so patiently for the shop to re-open! A lot has been going on around the Bungalow and I hope to have it open on Friday, July 1st!

Have a grand Friday!



  1. Oh isn't that pretty...I still have yet to use my camera strap cover... I haven't bought a strap yet... : ) But seeing these pictures is making me want to... : )

  2. What a fun surprise to see my wreath featured! Thanks for the morning smile!

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