Monday, June 6

{Marvelous} Monday.....No. 3

Another Monday!!!!  This weekend seemed to go by tooooo fast!
 How about yours? 

Due to the extreme heat, our house has been reaching 82 and 85 degrees everyday!!!  {Just a small reminder: Our bungalow is very old with not a lot of insulation....ha!}  Needless to say the nights have been long with Miss B as she does not sleep well...Not Fun!

SOOO Friday night, Mr. Adkins, his dad and brother ventured out to Lowes for a window unit. Not something I've always wanted but, hey, sleep is definitely more important than looks right   When we woke up on Saturday, the house was so cool that the main air unit in the house (which has not cut off for days) was off and a cool 71 degrees surrounded us....Thank you Lord!

We have all been sleeping like babies :)  

Now ~ for the talent!!

Him and Her {Lemonade Stand}

{Curbside} Coffe Table

The {Great Outdoors} Birthday Party

Sunburst Mirror {DIY}

Last but certainly NOT least, A new Favorite blog I found!!!  Tons of dress and skirt tutorials...LOVE!  Let me introduce you to 
Elle Apparel...Absolutely loving :)

This dress is definitely on the agenda to make!

Go follow her will be happy you did!  

Have a { Marvelous } Monday, Lovelies!!




  1. Thanks for sharing!! I adore your blog and I am your newest follower.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my coffee table makeover! What an honor!

  3. Our house has been miserably hot lately, too. We have a window unit that we keep upstairs to cool us off at night.

  4. So glad to hear that your comfortable again.. : )

    LOVE your knew header by the way...I don't know if you saw the new stuff in my shop but it is YELLOW.. I am so into YELLOW right now... : )

    Be sure to stop by and check it out...

    Happy Monday to you..

  5. LOVE your new header --- beautiful!!!! :)

    & love your new talent listings --- FUN!

  6. I came over to say thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! Thank you for the feature of 'The Great Outdoors' party! What a nice surprise! I will add it to the post! Christie

  7. Stephanie! I am SO embarassed - I was going through my emails today and found the comment you sent me. I don't know how I didn't see it :( Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely comment and for featuring my mirror on your gorgeous site!



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