Wednesday, October 26

Shop Update...the good news and the blah...

Ok, so for the past month you may know that the shop has been closed for me to stock it full with {Ready-To-Ship} covers.  With me being almost 6 months pregnant, I needed to do something to cut down on my time in the shop.  
You know the usual, fatigue, achiness, and just plain worn out...To fix all that, I closed shop for the month of October and was able to complete all my inventory...YES!  
Good for you and good for muah!  With working on all the inventory, I changed up some designs and added some new fabrics into the mix...really hope you like :)

Shop reopens November 1st!!
...and now since we got all the good news said, it's time for the blah (I can't stand using the word "bad").  Where does one begin when trying to explain something that is sooo difficult! 
Lets start here: The Lord is the one I give all praise to for allowing me to be home to raise my Miss B and open the 
Polka Dot Bungalow
He made the way for everything to run so smoothly as it has for the past "almost" 2 years.  He has blessed it in ways I never knew were possible.  I love my talent {Designing and Creating} then being able to open up shop and sell it to all my loyal, encouraging and sweet lovelies...a dream come true.  

My Mr. Adkins gave me the encouragement in words to start a shop on Etsy.  If you've been with me since the beginning of 2010, you will remember it all started off with lady's brooches/pins, little one's hair pieces and headbands and car seat canopies.  With my love for photography, it branched off from those pieces to Ruffle Camera Strap Covers and rosettte pins.  Ruffly goodness is so fun to create.  

When the nights and days got long and the house became a total wreck, the hubby would still come up and say keep on going on. The stress of a house being a mess can become a battle...haha...especially if your a clean freak like (my family can tell you that).  My poor husband is now one believe he is worse than me now...I have created a "clean freak monster".  

Miss B is 3 1/2  and my time with her until, can I say it...oh dear...Kindergarten!! is sooooo close and I want to spend these last 2 -3 years with her and NOT behind a sewing machine, packaging up orders, cutting tons of fabric, rolling get the point....
Working as a SAHM 
(a.k.a. Stay at  Home Mom)
It can be quite overwhelming raising and tending to a 3 year old. Yes, I have tried to create a balance between the Polka Dot Bungalow and my time being a mommy and wife.  Several mommy's work an online shop and tend to their children....I give them a standing applause...seriously, I have met so many talented mommy' gals rock!

With all that being said, prayers gone up, and several, I mean, several sit downs with the hubby making sure that I wasn't making a rash decision...I have decided to close up shop once all covers that have been made are sold.  Phew, got that off my shoulders.  


...I have a baby girl on the way!!! 
I have yet been able to make anything for her and am just dying toooooo!!!!
(Got a lot of cute tutorials in the works ;)

On a side note, once my babies are off to school and I have tons of time on my hand 
{unless, I just can't get a way from my dream pool...haha} 
who knows, I might reopen and start a brand new line of items.....the Lord holds my tomorrow...

Let's end this post with some good news again, shall we?  Here are some of the new lovelies that will be available in the shop on November 1st!!

Enjoy the preview: 


"I Do" Collection
{Available in: Mauve with Cream rosette pin, Cream with Black rosette pin or Black with Tiffany Blue rosette pin}

"Miss Fashionista" 

"Classy and Sassy" Collection
{Available in: Blue, Red or Pink ruffles and a black rosette pin}

"True Love" Collection
{Available with a pink or ruby red rosette pin}

"Tickled Pink"
{Now created with a light, pink rosette pin}


Soooo, do you like????  Several more designs and "One of a Kinds" still need to be photographed and edited...haven't decided if I'll give a sneak peek or make you all wait till November 1st :) hehe....

Here are a few recent pics taken this past Sunday during and after service....Enjoy :)

Miss B and her best friend...the thumb :)

Very tired of having her picture

25 weeks!!!  Kissing her baby sister :)

Much {Love} to you all...can't wait to open the shop!



  1. Love all the new straps! Sad you're closing up shop, but glad you'll get to spend so much time with your two girls! :) I'm totally jealous haha! Can't wait to see what you come up with for both your Lovlies! I can't wait until Christmas to show you what I've come up with :) LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

    "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)


  2. Okay, first of all, I had no idea you were pregnant! (I've been a little behind on my blog reading lately...forgive me!) So congrats!!

    Second of all, as sad as I am to here the news of your shop closing, I totally understand where you are coming from! Being a SAHM is hard & trying to keep up with everything is exhausting! I applaud you for making the decision to focus on your babies!

    And third of all, your new straps are lovely as usual! You have a wonderful talent my friend!

  3. Your lovely, sweet and {Heartfelt} comments have made me feel so good :) Wish I could give all of you a great big hug! The decision was a difficult one to make BUT knowing that I will be putting my full attention to the blessings God has given me heals that difficult decision all up! Thank you for your support, encouraging words, help getting my shop on the move, etc! You lovelies are what I call true friends. I look forward to keeping our "blogging" friendship in the years to come.

    Much love to you all! {HUGS}


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