Monday, January 24

Bungalow Remodeling....{Kitchen Makeover} PART ONE

Good Monday morning to you! Hope all my lovelies had a wonderful and restful weekend.  The beginning of 2010, the hubby and I decided that a few rooms in the Home SWEET Bungalow needed a little and ALOT of TLC!  

To give you a quick summary of our HOME:  
We currently reside at our church's parsonage (Mr. Adkins and I are the associate pastors) in which I have named the BUNGALOW.  It is a 2 Bedroom/ 1Bath dwelling in which we are TRULY grateful for.  With Mr. Adkins still being a full time student and I being a full time stay-at-home mommy the upgrades at the BUNGALOW have had to be put on hold.   We moved in 5 years ago and have made a lot of improvements.  My family is always teasing me that every time they come over the house is rearranged. Ha!   I guess that is my way of trying to keep the Bungalow fresh and new.  I am a organizer/design/cleaning Nerd!!!! Call me crazy but I LOVE it!

The kitchen, main hang out in the "Adkins Household" needs an a bad way.  The tile (hunter green marble look...ewww eww ewww) is peeling up and we are always getting our socks caught and once it decides to release the sock... we go flying!  

Well, this weekend  we went and picked out our SwiftLock Hardwood flooring. 

FLOORING: Fireside Oak Swiftlock

 TODAY, it's being put down and I am ecstatic beyond words!!  

This was us acting goofy after we bought our flooring.  We were soo excited that we laid a few pieces down to give us an idea of what it would look like...haha :0)

Such a BIG helper...

A ballerina dance on the new floor :0)

Cute saying from Miss B: 
While all the sanding and sawing is underway for the new kitchen floor, the smell of wood being cut enters into the room where Miss B and I are.  She looks up at me and says "Mommy I want Popcorn!"  I start dying laughing when I think of how the wood being cut smells just like fresh, popped popcorn. haha.. Oh, I just love how little minds think :P

Make sure you check back in for.... 

Bungalow Remodeling...{Kitchen Makeover} PART TWO
.....Flooring Completed!

(can you tell I'm just a tad excited????!!!!! hehe)

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