Tuesday, January 25

Bungalow Remodeling....{Kitchen Makeover} PART TWO

If you are just tuning in, the Bungalow is undergoing a "much needed" kitchen renovation.  Yesterday started the 1st day of it all by laying down the new flooring, which I LOVE!!!!  It took the guys from 1pm to 6:30pm to complete...and boy did they make it look like a whole new room! 

Pictures taken while in process of taking green marble "peel and stick tile" up and laying new floor.

Miss B, not knowing who they were or why they were in her house, kept by my side all day long...my shadow.  She called them "the mans".  Her curiosity would get the best of her and she would run the hallway from the "Tinkering room" to the kitchen, put her hand on her hips and say "I just looking" and run right back to my side.  Thirty minutes before they were done with the flooring, she warmed up to them being in the house and went to her room and played. Thinking that it was a big victory that she went to her room to play 
{ALL BY HERSELF} she calls out "I made it, mommy!!" HA!!

When the guys were done laying the flooring, I went in and squealed with delight!

What an AMAZING difference! 

Please excuse the blanket...we were getting ready to paint!!

Isn't it beautiful??  We are truly thankful that we can now run and slide on the new floor instead of the floor catching our socks :P

........................more to come
......Day 2 


  1. The floors are gorgeous.. I have the same type of flooring just in the lighter wood.. I highly recomend a shark steam mop if you don't already own one.. I LOVE mine!! Trust me it will make your life a whole lot easier. I hear that Fred's has them for $40 right now and you can get them for 60 at Walmart. Enjoy your new floors!! :)


  2. This post made me literally laugh out loud at the things Miss B said. She is too funny! Can't wait to see her again!

  3. so happy to have found you! love your shop!

  4. Hi Stephanie! Just came through Fabulous Fun Finds and your giveaway. Your new flooring looks fabulous! What a difference. I love to see renovations like this and am signing up so I can follow along with you.


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