Saturday, January 22

~Updates and UPGRADES going on in the Bungalow~

Have you checkout the shop lately??  

Changes have been made with the camera strap covers measurements. 

 Width measurements have been changed from 2.25" W to 2" W. 
Length measurements have been changed from 23 1/4"L to 25 1/4" L.

Of course, custom orders are ALWAYS welcome :0)

New camera strap covers {and more on the way} have been added.

{Golden Sky}

 {Chocolate Truffle} ~ doesn't that just sound divine??

{SKY blue PINK} Elegance at its best

LOVEBIRD~ if I can have a's this one!

Camera Strap Covers that are on the way:

I love going into a shop where there are many styles, options and colors to choose from (except when picking out a paint color or hardwood as I will be blogging about later).  Well... I want to give all my customers who shop at the PDBungalow options and styles they are looking for OR dreaming up.  

Examples of new covers that will be introduced in the next few weeks

{SPRING designs}

~ No ruffle, but gorgeous fabric designs...   
                             ~ TRI-RUFFLE ~ cover with three (3) layers of ruffles...   

           ~ Cover with a new FLOWER design {This one...i'm really excited to bring to you}        

Stay tuned to find out when these lovelies are in the shop!!!  

I love all of your input and lovely ideas you have given me throughout this year.  Have an idea ~ would love to hear from you!  
Thank you, lovelies ... you truly are the best!        

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