Sunday, February 27

Daddy's Girl…the {sweetness} in life

This weekend, Mr. Adkins (Daddy) and Miss B were just too cute with their matching outfits that I just HAD to take a few pics.  Miss B and I haven't seen a lot of daddy lately due to the pressing school/rotation schedule he has been on…i'll spare you the details and just say..he leaves before we wake up, walks in the door at 6:30 to dinner, plays with Miss B while I clean up the dishes…then off to studying he goes.  It can be stressful for him sometimes…feeling as though he neglects or doesn't spend enough time with us.  Well, Mr. Adkins all Miss B and I have to say about that is you are working full time to provide a future for your family and we are very, very grateful.  We LOVE you. 

…hope these make you laugh, daddy.



  1. Very cute! Love the matching outfits! Great pics!

  2. LOVE THESE! She defenitly has her Daddy's personality! LOVE IT!

  3. Super cute. So glad I ran across your blog. I look forward to following it. Have a great week!


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