Monday, February 28

Let your creative spirit free...

This lovely, spring weather moving in has not only messed with my sinuses but is making quiet excited for SPRING!  The shop will soon be filled with lovely colors of purples, greens, blues and corals…please bare with me as I am still in the {design phase}…but soon, very soon.

I believe this has to be my absolute favorite time of the year.  Love rainy afternoons, thunderstorms, going to flower nursery's and picking up flowies (even though I know I will forget about them and become lazy in keeping them alive) So wish I had a green thumb like my grandmother.  Guess one day when I am older and have more time on my hands (HA) I can take up gardening :)  But for now I will stick with crafts and sewing…the talent for this moment.  Although,  I can take care of artificial flowers and greenery quite well!     Which leads me to this wreath I've GOTTA make (Pottery Barn Remake)

           Interested in a Tutorial…anyone?

Look how precious this centerpiece is!!

…love the little white gate..too cute for words

Instead of the "Happy Easter" eggs you could dangle small picture frames!  hmmm…so many projects, soo little time…

Can you tell I just received my Pottery Barn magazine in the mail :0)


  1. I love PB! I just received the Spring magazine Saturday. My mind has been GOING ever since! I just love your blog!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to Spring, too, even though I know my allergies will be kicking in. I was just in Home Goods on the weekend and they have such a great selection of Easter/Spring stuff out. I did restrain myself though!

  3. I did too and I am going nuts :)

  4. Glad I'm not the only one…whew…Home out!

  5. YES... Interested in a Tutorial for the wreath! :) LOVE it! :)


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