Saturday, October 1

Boy or believe I'll need a pair of these :)

The beginning of September we found out what we were having!!!  I totally forgot to

Mr. Adkins, Miss B and I are very happy to announce that we will be introducing another princess into the house!

We are all VERY excited and just cannot wait to meet her :)

Do believe she will need a pair of these...

Sugar Plum Tree

Happy Saturday {Lovelies}

Steph ~ the momma of two precious girls :)


  1. YES... She will indeed HAVE to have these shoes!!! :) I am SO excited, and can NOT wait to meet your sweet, little PRINCESS! :) I know she is going to be gorgeous just like her Mommy, and BIG Sister, Brooklyn! :) I love you, and your family VERY much!!! Be blessed!!!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the shout out. Congrats on your new baby girl! I have two girls and they are the MOST fun!

  3. Congratulations!! I just came across your blog after shopping your lovely Etsy shop! I love it here, so cute!

    And how exciting that you're having another baby girl!


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